Product Code:   2/58mm lens with PL mount Helios 44-2 CINEM
Location: Ukraine
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2/58mm lens with PL mount Helios 44-2 CINEMA 35mm 4K Red One Arri Ursa Bmpcc  converted for PL Mount by a professional lens technician. Fine adjusted for correct work with PL-mount cameras. Focusing in full range, including infinity. Also the lens has a gear wheel of control of a diaphragm and a gear wheel of control of focusing.


Focal Length Type:      Fixed/Prime                                  Camera Type:        DSLR

Focal Length:        58                                                           Maximum Aperture:   2

Type:       Portrait                                                                      Focus Type:   Manual

Mount:   PL                                                                              Model:     44-2

Scale of diaphragms: from 2 to 22                                 Frame Size:24x36mm


FULL FRAME                                                                    Focal length: 58 mm

Aperture: 2                                                                             FILTER MOUNT:49mm

Modul Metal Gear-0.8


Compatible with:The lens can be used with all PL mount cameras.

Include : case, front and rear caps

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