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ANAMORPHIC 44-2 2/58mm HELIOS FULL FRAME  for CANON EOS EF ZEBRA STYLE is modified lens. The lens has EFFECT of an anamorphic lens. Also there is an oval diaphragm with a unique value  only 3,5 and standart diaphragm 3.5-16. Inside the lens is painted VIOLET color. It gives specific effect to the picture. Videos and photos turn out very interesting!!! This lens will give to your image improbable appeal!!! Focusing in full range, including infinity. It is completely ready to use on your  CANON.  ORIGINAL MOUNT IS M42.

Condition: Lens has very small attritions from wipping. It doesn't influence quality of the image. There is no dust inside.  Body has small traces of use.  The lens has undergone cleaning and testing at the qualified master.

Lens mount: CANON EOS EF                                                                     Frame Size:24x36mm

Focal length: 58 mm                                                                                         Aperture: 3.5

Scale of diaphragms:oval 3.5 and standart 3.5-16                                 Modul Metal Gear - 0.8

FILTER MOUNT:52mm                                                                                 FULL FRAME

Made in USSR - KMZ factory                                                                          Focal Length Type:  Fixed/Prime        

Camera Type:        SLR                                                                      Type:  Anamorphic, Portrait 

Focus Type:   Manual

Brand:  IRONGLASSADAPTERS                                                                       UPS:  740812939463

Compatible with:   The lens can be used with all  cameras with CANON EOS EF mount.


This item include: case, front and rear caps.

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