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3.5/135mm PL-MOUNT LENS CINEMA 4K RED ARRI MOVIE CAMERA BMPCC URSA black  has been transformed for PL Mount by a professional lens technician. Fine adjusted for correct work with PL-mount cameras. Focusing in full range, including infinity. It is completely ready to use.


Condition:   Used. LIKE NEW!!! TEST.SERVICED.CLEAN and CLEANING!  Glasses have very small traces of use. There is no dust inside. Diaphragm petals dry and also work perfectly. Body has very small traces of use.  The lens has undergone cleaning and testing at the qualified master.

Lens mount: PL                                                                          Frame Size:24x36mm

Focal length: 135 mm                                                                Aperture: 3.5

Scale of diaphragms: from 2.8 to 22                                 Made in USSR - KMZ factory

FILTER MOUNT:  52mm                                                       Focal Length Type:      Fixed/Prime       

Camera Type:        SLR                                                              Type:       Portrait   

Mount:   PL MOUNT                                                                     Focus Type:   Manual

Country/Region of Manufacture:    Ukraine   

Brand:   IRONGLASSADAPTERS                                  UPC:       740812939326

Compatible:  The lens can be used with all PL mount cameras .

This item include:  front and rear caps

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