Product Code:  3.5/50mm lens with PL mount Industar 50-2
Location: Ukraine
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Industar 50-2 is a tiny 50 mm prime lens. It was developed basing on Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. This lens is one of the smallest you can find for SLR cameras. This little cupcake lens is your  first choice when upgrading your general lens kit. It’s light, it’s compact, and it’s exactly what you need if you travel a lot. It’s great for street photographers who like to operate in stealth mode, since the lens is so small and can easily fit inside a pocket.

Condition:     Used, VERY GOOD!!!TEST.SERVICED.CLEAN and CLEANING!!! The lens is in excellent condition and is ready to use. Its body has small traces of use, however, the lens has undergone thorough cleaning and testing by professional lens technician and there is no dust or oil inside.

Focal Length Type:      Fixed/Prime                                                       Focal Length:        50  

Maximum Aperture:   3.5                                                              Type:       Prime lens

Mount:   PL                                                                                           Model:     50-2

Format: 35mm SLR                                                                                         Optical design: 4 elements in 3 groups

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF) focusing range from 0.65m to infinity

Resolution: by the lens technical passport 38/22 lp/mm

Brand: IRONGLASSADAPTERS                                                                   UPC:        740812939340

Include: case, front and rear caps

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