Adapters & Accessories

Many brands develop their own cameras. They are different with their own strengths and weaknesses. Every lens has its specific mount, which means that you cannot simply attach it to any camera. As camera owners do not want to spend a lot of money on buying many cameras, they prefer to use mount adapters. It greatly increases variations of lens for just single device. We work with different types of lens mounts and also male-female thread adapter for various anamorphic projection lenses.

Adapters & Mounts

Adapter CANON EF Mount 1Dc 5Ds 5D 6D C100 C300 C500 to ARRI Arriflex PL Lens

EF mount is the most popular mount type that filmmakers and video producers prefer to use. In 1987 Canon has introduced this mount and since that time, EF has become the most popular on the market. The great bonus is that nowadays many camera manufacturers are compatible with EF mount.

PL mount by ARRI appeared in 1982. Its name stands for a positive lock system that allows holding heavy lenses without problems. As filmmaking requires different angles and zooms, PL provides the most solid, reliable camera mount support for any lens possible.

Sony did not want to lag behind the rest large brands and since 1985 started to develop its mounts. With E type is Sony has reached success in minimizing mechanical complexity in removing mechanical aperture and focus drive. Additionally, it has shortened the flange local distance from 44.5 mm to 18 mm and reduced the radius of the flange.

Kiev is a Ukrainian and Soviet brand that used to produce different photographic equipment and cameras. Kiev lenses are not so popular, however they produce high-quality image and does not cost too much. Mount adapters allow to install them on other modern cameras.

In 1992, Broadcasting Technology Associations (BTA) produced a B4 mount. It defines as a physical mount, however, it also includes optical properties of electrical connections. It has 11 mm diagonal size and mostly used by all 2/3″ broadcast lenses.

Camera Brands That We Work With

IronGlass offers a wide range of affordable camera adapters. We mostly work with the following camera brands

  • RED
  • Sony
  • Cannon
  • ARRI

In case you have some additional questions you can always contact us to discuss your case. We will try to find the best solution for you.