Adapters & Mounts

Many brands develop their own cameras. They are different with their own strengths and weaknesses. Every lens has its specific mount, which means that you cannot simply attach it to any camera. As camera owners do not want to spend a lot of money on buying many cameras, they prefer to use mount adapters. It greatly increases variations of lens for just single device. We work with different types of lens mounts and also male-female thread adapter for various anamorphic projection lenses.


T2 female thread to Arri PL camera mount adapter, black alloy

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Small Hard Case 339*295*152 mm

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Rear Cap IRONGLASS for PL mount Lens with light element

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Rear Cap for PL mount Lens

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Rear Cap for EF mount Lens

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Professional Arri PL mount adapter for JUPITER 37A, MIR10A, TIR 11A Lens

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PL mount lens to Sony E mount FS7 A9 A7 A7R A7S camera adapter

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PL mount lens to Red Epic Scarlet Dragon DSMC, DSMC2 brain RED camera

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Large Hard Case 470х357х176mm

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B4 2/3″ lens mount broadcast Fujinon to 1/3″ JVC ACM-17 camcorder adapter

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Arri Bayonet (Arri-B) lens to Arri PL camera mount adapter black anodized alloy

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ARRI Arriflex PL Mount port cap for ALEXA RED EPIC F3 F5 F55 RED C500 C300

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Adapter PL-Mount M42 Red One Arri Professional

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Adapter OCT-19 mount lense Ekran CKBK for Red Epic Scarlet Weapon camera

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Adapter Kiev-C Pentacon Six P6 Lens To PL Mount ARRI Red One Arriflex

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Adapter CANON EF Mount 1Dc 5Ds 5D 6D C100 C300 C500 to ARRI Arriflex PL Lens

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95mm universal cover lens cap for cine lens

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Camera Brands That We Work With

IronGlass offers a wide range of affordable camera adapters. We mostly work with the following camera brands

  • RED
  • Sony
  • Cannon
  • ARRI

In case you have some additional questions you can always contact us to discuss your case. We will try to find the best solution for you.

Why We?


Our lenses are of high quality. We made, modified and sold more than 1000 lenses!


We give a 1 year warranty on the mechanical parts of our lenses.



The reliability of our lenses has been tested for decades. Soviet lenses were valuable both 50 years ago and now. They can compete with modern lenses. Especially if our masters work on them.


Problems & questions

If you have any problems with our products or questions – we solve and fix them! For us there is no problem. Contact us and we will help you immediately.



We always provide a track number. Our company sends parcels and goods all around the world. We will send you goods by AIRMAIL.

Each product packed very efficiently and will get to you safe and sound.
We are always worried about how the product came to You as a short time.

Masters are working on your order: check, repair, configure, add your modification, etc.

We need 5-7 working days for your order.