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    DESCRIPTION ARRI Arriflex PL Mount port cap for ALEXA RED EPIC F3 F5 F55 RED C500 C300 We provide high quality production of standard adaptors and make individual orders.

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      Specifications: This adapter allows using Arri B (bayonet) lenses on cameras with Arri PL mount. This is most simple version with 3 set screws. Bayonet lugs position isn’t limited, so you can secure a lens at any angle for convenience. Lenses with Arri S (Standard) mount can be used…

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    DISCRIPTION Can be used with Red Epic, DSMC2 MONSTRO, DSMC2 HELIUM, DSMC2 GEMINI, WEAPON 8K VV, WEAPON 8K S35, WEAPON 6K, EPIC-W, SCARLET-W, EPIC/SCARLET DRAGON, EPIC/SCARLET M-X This camera mount allows to use PL mount lenses on RED cameras. It is compatible with DSMC and DSMC 2 brain. Lightweight aluminum…

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      This adapter allows to use all PL mount lenses on Sony E-mount camera system.  SHIMMABLE FLANGE ( COMPATIBLE WITH ZIESS CP.2 SHIMS)      COMPATIBLE WITH 16mm; SUPER 16mm; 35mm AND SUPER 35mm FORMAT LENSES    INFINITY FOCUSING   0.002mm ACCURACY   PL PORT CAP INCLUDED  AVAILABLE ALL IN BLACK COLOR  MADE OF…

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      Specifications: Lens compatible: Lenses JUPITER 37A, MIR 10A, TAIR 11A Metall: quality aluminum Made in UKRAINE Compatible with PL mount adapter for USSR LENS with bayonet A This item include: PL mount adapter for bayonet A lens Screws and a key are included   LIST INCLUDES ONLY ADAPTER LENSES…

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      Specifications: Front side – T2 (M42x0,75) female thread Rear side – ARRI PL mount It allows to mount T/T2 lenses (m42x0.75, 55 mm flange focal distance) onto PL-mounted camera like Arriflex. Also, it can be used with most modern DSLRs through their PL adapters. Longer FFD of the T-mount allowed to lift T…

  • Please Note: The rehousing take up to 6 months to be completed and shipped.

  • Introducing the all-new and improved Soviet MKII Rehoused Lens Set. Same legendary, unique Soviet optics, but even better mechanics and usability for filmmakers!


    Soviet “MKII” Rehousing with improvements and new features, including:

    • Completely New & Improved Design
    • Internal Focusing System
    • Full clip-on Matte Box compatibility
    • Shimmable Stainless Steel PL / EF mounts
    • Increased 300-degree focus ring rotation
    • Unified Focus and Iris Ring positioning on all lenses
    • Improved Close Focus
    • T-stop markings
    • Reverse direction focus scales

    Additional Specifications:

    • 95mm O.D. Fronts
    • FF / LF Sensor Coverage
    • Imperial / Metric Markings
    • Black & White body color options
    • Optional Optical Modifications

    The MKII rehousing retail price will be $1900 per lens + the cost of the donor optics, but all existing customers who’ve already ordered the current ‘MKI” rehousing now have the option to upgrade for $950 per lens!

    Important: The estimated delivery for MKII lenses is 8+ months.

    Please note, the mounts and markings shown in the pictures are not final. This is a 95% ready prototype and will look even better as a final product.

  • Want our Rehoused Soviet Set and already own the lenses mentioned below, either in original form, cine-modded by us? This is your unique opportunity to save up to $1550 by trading your donor optics in.

    Check if you have the compatible lenses from our list below, choose which ones you’d like to trade-in, order the rehoused version with an instant discount between $100 and $600 per lens. Once the order is placed, we will contact you with instructions on how to send in your lenses.

    List of lenses + Trade-In discount:

    • MIR-20M 20mm F3.5 – $600
    • MIR-10A 28mm F3.5 – $600
    • MIR-1V 37mm F2.8 – $150
    • HELIOS 44-2 58mm F2 – $100
    • JUPITER-9 85mm F2 – $150
    • TAIR-11A 135mm F2.8 – $150