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Why choose our lenses?

They are not expensive, but incredibly rugged! It’s just a glass and metal construction that lasted for 50+ years and after our overhaul is ready for another 50 years of professional use! We transform our lenses with a filmmaker in mind, so if you make videos & films, these lenses will make your experience so much more enjoyable.


It is solid built, with smoth focus and iris change, the minimum focus is great for tight close ups.
The lens is really sensible to flares, hard and soft, I personally love that characteristic, but it is not for every project.
But the thing that got me with this lens is the beautiful bokeh it produces, an amazing swirly bokeh.
The directors loved it! Already calling it the favorite lens for the show.

Kauê ZilliCinematographer

My Ironglass rehoused vintage Soviet cinema lenses are on point, in control of light gathering and shaping.
Being able to adapt these old world elements for use on modern digital cinema camera for project work really is definitely an “achievement unlocked”.

Mark HoltzeFilmmaker

Always search for that one thing that makes you different from everyone else!
Lenses are one of the thing that might make you stand out in terms of cinematography and therefore
I always love to experiment with the wildest lenses out there like
the IronGlass 44-2 Rehoused Helios lens with Anamorphic Bokeh that makes your images scream CINEMATIC

Alexandru Don

Thank you IronGlassAdapters For completely derailing my day today..
they sent me their rehoused modified white Helios 58mm f2 this morning and there is something really fun about shooting this lens...
The Helios falls down in a very special magical way and iron glass did an awesome job wrapping metal around it.
I couldn’t stop shooting it.

Jarred LandPresident / Co-Owner of RED

I had the chance to take out my IronGlass lenses and shoot outdoors, every time they sweep me of my feet!
-Amazing wide open bokeh
-Very soft rendering of skin tones
-Very dreamy wide open but super sharp towards 2.8 / 4
-Versatile, with a lot of character and very pronounced flares.

Marc-André BilodeauFreelance director of photography

This lens retains all the vintage old Russian characteristics you’d expect but
with modern rehousing, focus & aperture gears w/ 270 degree focus throw all done by IronGlass.

Stephan KnightMōvi Operator + Director of Photography

As a photographer I always wanted the cleanest, flattest, sharpest lenses.
But now as a cinematographer I'm more often looking for optics with more flavour -
which is why I'm now the proud owner of the Soviet Set!
It consists of six incredible vintage lenses from the USSR, lovingly rehoused by IronGlass.
There's a time and a place for both extremes of lens style of course, but when the project calls for milky contrast,
outrageous flares and spectacular bokeh, then this is the ultimate choice!

Alex StoneCinematographer

These lenses provide exceptional bokeh and beautiful character in a modern PL mount housing.
They have a very pleasing look and can produce spectacular flares when you want.
We are definitely just getting started with the fun we’ll have with them.

Yonder Blue Filmsowned by Benjamin Rowland

VintageLensesForVideo teamed up with some old friends at IronGlass to pull off something I’ve been waiting on for years.
They started rehousing vintage Soviet lenses with proper cinema housings and PL mounts.
As soon as I heard the news I slammed my money in their virtual hands. But told them just keep mine on the workbench while the guys continue to improve things.
My copy is now been on my work desk for weeks waiting to get properly loved.
I didn’t want to even mount it until I could let it’s full frame goodness have a proper home.
And now pairing it with the FX9, I am so pleased!
Sorry savings account, I’m gonna have to get the whole set.

Casey McBeathCinematographer/Director

Been loving the IronGlass Helios 58mm for my recent work.
Perfect level of character and sharpness without compromising on quality!
Plus, the anamorphic mod I had built into the body has added that little bit of flare
I was desperate for!

Adam Unmarked

After patiently waiting for this to arrive, we finally have in hand our very own IronGlass VLFV Helios 58MM.
Gorgeous mechanical build. It feels like a tank.

Capion Studio

Holy guacamole I love this lens. I recently received the IronGlass Helios 44-2 58mm f/2,
and it’s my daily driver for video.
Wow, just wow on this rehousing.

The BrotographerFilmmaker // Photographer

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