Custom IronGlass Lens Set – Has Everything You Need

Every photographer or filmmaker needs a lens to capture the scene and every professional has its own lens set for different purposes. It allows them to adapt to different environments and conditions to accomplish their tasks. A set of Soviet cine lens is one of the best amongst the vintage lenses.


Custom IronGlass lens set

That is why IronGlass offers a custom lens set selection of Soviet full-frame prime lenses. Our team of enthusiasts, who are real professionals in their work, is focused on getting out unique optical characteristics of those lenses. In order to do that we implement different mechanical and optical improvements and modifications that provide us with the possibility to turn them into wonderful cine-style lenses that are ready for modern cameras and accessories.

We have a belief that these lenses are the best for filmmaking when they are used with features like:

  • Metal follow focus gears
  • Permanent EF & PL mounts
  • D-clicked aperture rings
  • Internal coloring options
  • Anamorphic Bokeh
  • Flare mods


Make your own lens with your modification!

The mods and improvements include:


Lens is fully ready to use


Lens look like new


Lens is de-clicked


Have metal focus & iris gears


Have front & rear caps


Focusing in full range, including infinity


The lens has undergone cleaning and testing by the qualified


Glasses have small traces of use


Inside there is no dust


Aperture blades free of oil

Vintage Lenses For Video about our Set

Lens Sets From IronGlass service

You can decide whether to take an already assembled lens set for cinema with specific lenses or to create your own lens set with

  • Modifications: anamorphic bokeh & flares, amber or purple internal coloring
  • Mounts: m4/3, EF, PL, Sony E
  • Lens focal length: 20/3.5 MIR-20M, 28/3.5 MIR-10A, 37/2.8 MIR-1B, 58/2 HELIOS 44-2, 85/2 JUPITER-9, 135/3.5 JUPITER-37A, 135/2.8 TAIR-11A, 180/2.8 SONNAR ZEISS
  • Body color: Black or Silver

If you want to order your custom full-frame lens set there is a minimum requirement of 3 lenses. In general, it takes up to 9 days to create your lens kit. It is always delivered in a nice aluminum carry case that is well and carefully packed. All these lenses have a de-clicked aperture control ring, which allows you to adjust the aperture without any click noise or sudden jumps in exposure. They also have front and rear caps to protect lenses from dust and scratches when they are detached from the camera. Our custom lenses also have metal follow focus and iris gears. Each lens undergoes cleaning, greasing and adjusting processes by qualified lens technicians.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll always receive the highest quality service at affordable prices. IronGlass Company is always ready to come up with ideas to find the best solutions according to your needs. The team is very friendly, thus do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

Why We?


Our lenses are of high quality. We made, modified and sold more than 1000 lenses!


We give a 1 year warranty on the mechanical parts of our lenses.



The reliability of our lenses has been tested for decades. Soviet lenses were valuable both 50 years ago and now. They can compete with modern lenses. Especially if our masters work on them.


Problems & questions

If you have any problems with our products or questions – we solve and fix them! For us there is no problem. Contact us and we will help you immediately.



We always provide a track number. Our company sends parcels and goods all around the world. We will send you goods by AIRMAIL.

Each product packed very efficiently and will get to you safe and sound.
We are always worried about how the product came to You as a short time.