85 mm F2 Jupiter 9 Amber (1)
135 mm F3.5 Jupiter 37A Amber (11)

Soviet Lenses

In order to capture amazing videos, professionals always prepare themselves properly. It means getting the best cinema lens for the project. While choosing the most suitable lenses, it’s not always possible to find the set that meets all of these needs like, mount, follow focus gears, optical qualities, modifications and improvements, but this is exactly what Iron Glass lens-rehousing company can do for you. You can simply choose the needed cine lens and then decide how it should be modified before arrives to you.


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85/2 JUPITER-9

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58/2 HELIOS 44-2

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37/2.8 MIR-1B

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135/3.5 JUPITER-37A

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135/2.8 TAIR-11A


Cine Lens Designer

You can select which type of lens mount you need according to your current camera. It can be m4/3, EF, PL or Sony E mount. The housing of your vintage cinema lenses also plays an important role in this cinematographic industry as it complements your own image. Therefore, we offer you to choose whether housing should be silver or black. Among other options, you may choose if you want to modify this lens with an anamorphic amber, purple and ordinary bokeh or to leave it as it is. In case you do not know what is better to choose, you do not need to hurry. You may simply contact us and together with we will figure out what will be the best for you.

Vintage Designer Cine Lenses

MIR lenses

20M 20mm F3.5, 10A 28mm F3.5 and 1B 37mm F2.8. The Mir-1B, in particular, is a lens with a great history. It first appeared in 1954 and just in several years won the Grand Prix in Brussels at Expo-58. The design of this lens is based on Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon. One of the most prominent features of them is a disperser meniscus. It helps to decrease the vignette effect while capturing images with an open diaphragm.

Helios 44-2 58mm F2

This is one of the most popular soviet lenses, which has gained the cult classic status across the world. Even nowadays, a great number of photographers & cinematographers use it. The most outstanding feature of Helios lenses is its Zeiss Biotar optical formula, which not only creates beautiful sharp images, but also the famous “swirly” bokeh effect.

Jupiter-9 85mm F2 and Jupiter-37A 135mm F3.5

These lenses have become popular due to their low costs and comparatively good quality. The 85mm is again based on a classic optical formula and is known as a beautiful portrait lens.

Tair-11A 135mm F2.8

Another wonderful soviet lens that has twenty aperture blades. That’s even more than on most modern lenses this allows Tair to create perfectly round and smooth bokeh at any f-stop!
180 mm / F2.8 - Sonnar carl zeiss jena

Zeiss Sonnar 180mm F2.8

This lens has made a huge impact on the development of lenses in the USSR. It’s great for telephoto shots with very smooth bokeh and it can also be used on medium format cameras!



Our lenses are of high quality. We made, modified and sold more than 1000 lenses!


We give a 1 year warranty on the mechanical parts of our lenses.



The reliability of our lenses has been tested for decades. Soviet lenses were valuable both 50 years ago and now. They can compete with modern lenses. Especially if our masters work on them.


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