Metal Focus Gears At IronGlass

If you need lens gears for you lenses, contact us and we will make custom gears specifically for your needs!

IronGlass aims to produce only the best quality of service and production. We offer seamless 360 degrees gears at the most affordable prices for everyone. We implement innovative technologies to deliver the highest quality of customized follow focus metal gears that can even make any still lens into modern cine lens. Every gear that we produce is designed to a specific lens to bring out the maximum performance of your lens. For manufacturing, we use only the best quality aluminium. As a result, these gears fit the lenses perfectly.

What to Expect from IronGlass

IronGlass is focused on providing the most convenient service. Metal gears are much more durable than plastic and can endure higher pressure in different environments. While buying one of our metal focus gears we provide you with the screws and key for easy installation on your lens. We offer custom follow focus gears for most popular Soviet lenses as

  • Metal Follow Focus Gear for Tair-11A Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus Gear for Mir-1b Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus Gear for Mir-10A Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus Gear for Helios 44-2 Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus Gear for Helios 44m-4 Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus Gear for Jupiter-9 Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus and Iris Gear set for Helios 44-2 Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus and Iris Gear set for Helios 44-M-4 Lens
  • Metal Follow Focus and Iris Gear set for Helios 44M-Lens

When buying mechanical parts of our lenses you receive one year of warranty from IronGlass Company.


Importance of Follow Focus

In the process of filmmaking, video production, the television-broadcasting focus is the most important factor in getting a high-quality image. In order to control it there is a focus control mechanism. It is not obligatory necessary but it is rather ergonomic. Frankly speaking, it does not contribute to the basic functionality of cameras, however, it greatly helps operators to achieve higher efficiency and precision. This mechanism works with the help of set of gears on the follow focus that are attached to the teeth on the focusing ring of lens.

In the process of filmmaking, most professionals tend to use manual focusing. It allows to concentrate attention on the desired objects, while auto-focus can be easily distracted and change camera focus undesired objects. Another disadvantage of auto-focus is that it can fail to keep the fast moving objects in focus.

Why We?


Our lenses are of high quality. We made, modified and sold more than 1000 lenses!


We give a 1 year warranty on the mechanical parts of our lenses.



The reliability of our lenses has been tested for decades. Soviet lenses were valuable both 50 years ago and now. They can compete with modern lenses. Especially if our masters work on them.


Problems & questions

If you have any problems with our products or questions – we solve and fix them! For us there is no problem. Contact us and we will help you immediately.



We always provide a track number. Our company sends parcels and goods all around the world. We will send you goods by AIRMAIL.

Each product packed very efficiently and will get to you safe and sound.
We are always worried about how the product came to You as a short time.

Masters are working on your order: check, repair, configure, add your modification, etc.

We need 5-7 working days for your order.