Mir-20M - 20mm F3.5

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    Please Note: The rehousing take up to 6 months to be completed and shipped.

    You might now be familiar with our VLFV Cine Edition range of Rehoused Soviet lenses. We’ve already completed and shipping the 28mm, 37mm, 58mm, 85mm lenses from this set. The only two lenses left to complete are the MIR-20M 20mm and Tair-11A 135mm. We are now at the prototype stage and will soon be ready to ship these lenses too, so you can now pre-order them as well.


    • Min Focusing Distance: 0.18m
    • Angle of View (FF): 90°
    • Focus Throw: Approx. 220°
    • Aperture Range: F3.5 – F16
    • Aperture Blades: 6