135 mm / F3.5 – Jupiter 37A Anamorphic flare (with color Purple painting & oval diaphragm)LENS for PL mount. Body: Black. Focus Gear: Metal

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  • Lens mount: PL
  • Frame Size: 24×36 mm
  • Focal length: 135 mm
  • Body: Black
  • Focus Gear: Metal
  • The lens can be used with all cameras with PL mount
  • This item include hoods, front and rear caps



135 mm / F3.5 - Jupiter 37A

135 mm / F3.5 – Jupiter 37A

135 mm / F3.5 – Jupiter 37A

The JUPITER 37A 3.5 / 135 lens

  • Focal Length: 135 mm
  • Aperture: F3.5
  • Minimum Focusing Distance = 1,2 m

Legend of the last century, the people’s lens – JUPITER 37A 3.5 / 135. He is called a small TV or a big portrait, which corresponds to reality. JUPITER 37A 3.5 / 135 is the best Soviet portrait lens on the range of 85-135mm.

Features of the JUPITER 37A 3.5 / 135:

  • Ordinary enlightenment. But even this enlightenment avoids unnecessary glare.
  • Has a replaceable shank. It allows you to use a photo system with different working segments.
  • 12 petals of the diaphragm. Therefore, it can act as an excellent portrait lens with smooth circles blurring the background (it has a good side).
  • Not a fixed stroke of the diaphragm ring – the ring does not have fixed diaphragm values ​​of type 4.5, 5.6, 8, but has a continuous stroke ring. This is very useful when shooting video, when you can smoothly close and open the diaphragm (and not jerky at fixed values)
  • Large diaphragm stroke F3.5-F22. Pretty manoeuvrable lens. JUPITER 37A 3.5 / 135 has the function of preset aperture. To use this function, you need to remove the diaphragm ring into the camera and release it at the desired aperture value. Then the aperture will be closed only to the specified value. This is quite handy when working with manual optics – to focus on the full open diaphragm, quickly close to the desired value and shoot.
  • The metal case.
  • Works in minus 15 to plus 45 ° C.
  • Near focus of 1.2 meters. The focus ring rotates 270 degrees.
  • The diameter of the filter is 52 mm.
  • The lens has 4 lenses in 3 groups.
  • On the fully open diaphragm F3.5, slightly soft, excellent portraits are obtained, if it is closed, then the sharpness is sufficient for all tasks.

The JUPITER 37A 3.5 / 135 lens is a good lens. The lens has a nice blur of the background and excellent sharpness since the maximum open diaphragm. The JUPITER 37A 3.5 / 135 lens is one of the best Soviet portrait lenses, it is easy to install on modern digital SLR cameras with the help of a replacement shank system.

Additional information

Weight1 kg


Focal length

135 mm

Lens mount

PL mount




Anamorphic flare (with color Purple painting & oval diaphragm)

Focus Gear

Metal (control gear aperture and focus)