16 mm / F2.8 – MC Zenitar Anamorphic flare (with color Purple painting & oval diaphragm) LENS for MICRO 4/3 Mount. Body: Black. Focus Gear: Plastic

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  • Lens mount: MICRO 4/3 mount
  • Focal length: 16 mm
  • Aperture: 2.8
  • Body: Black
  • Focus Gear: Plastic
  • The lens can be used with all cameras with MICRO 4/3 mount
  • This item include case, front and rear caps



16 mm / F2.8 - MC Zenitar

16 mm / F2.8 – MC Zenitar

16 mm / F2.8 – MC Zenitar


  • Focal length: 16 mm
  • Diaphragm: F2.8
  • Minimum Focusing Distance = 0,3 m

Lens ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE short-focus ultra-wide-angle lens. First impression: the lens is quite small, very well assembled. An amazing curved front lens attracts attention.

Features of ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE:

  • Wide angle of 16mm. On full-frame cameras, the lens will give a viewing angle of 180 degrees diagonally. But on the crested matrix, the viewing angle will be equivalent to 24mm on the full frame. And 24mm is an ordinary wide-angle lens.
  • Characteristic distortion of the outlook. The lens has a strong barrel-shaped distortion, which in this case is not a problem, but a chip. The picture acquires an unusual appearance, the lines along the edge of the frame are strongly bent opening for the photographer a flight for compositions and interesting ideas.
  • A large aperture of F / 2.8. At what, the lens is sharp enough already with a fully open diaphragm.
  • The ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE lens is very compact, lightweight and durable. In the best traditions of Soviet optics – glass and iron.
  • The lens ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE manual, it will not have an auto focus. Focus should be manually, it’s not difficult at all, using a wide-angle lens.
  • The ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE lens has a jumping diaphragm. This means that you can focus on sharpness when the aperture is open, and take a picture at the value that is set on the diaphragm control ring. It is very convenient and allows you to control the aperture.
  • The ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE lens does not support the use of protective and gradient filters. There is simply nowhere to screw in the protective filter, and even the front lens has a bulge.
  • The ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE lens has a wonderful depth-of-field and aperture control scale.
  • The ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE lens is suitable for full-frame cameras.
  • When focusing, the front lens unit moves slightly forward, about half a centimeter.
  • This lens ZENITAR M 2.8 / 16 FISHEYE is popular with photographers and videographers. Pay attention to the fact that the lens does not give a super wide angle and super distortion on the camera, you need to use special fishes for the crumbled cameras, or fichees with an even smaller focal length.
  • The picture is interesting, the sharpness is there and at 2.8, if you close to 5.6, then the sharpness becomes just fabulous. Strong distortion. The contrast is excellent. The lens is well tolerated by the backlight and side light. Sharpness in the corners practically does not fall.
  • Very interesting Soviet manual lens. Perfect for people who need a wide angle, as well as for photo experiments with an interesting “bent” picture, which gives the fisheye.

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Focal length

16 mm

Lens mount

micro 4/3 mount




Anamorphic flare (with color Purple painting & oval diaphragm)

Focus Gear

Plastic (control gear focus)


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