28 mm / F3.5 – Mir 10A Anamorphic flare bokeh (only oval diaphragm) lens for CANON EF EOS mount. Body: Black. Focus Gear: Metal

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  • Camera mount: CANON EF EOS
  • Modification: Anamorphic flare (with color Purple painting & oval diaphragm)
  • Focal length: 28 mm
  • Aperture: 3.5
  • Focus Gear: Metal (control gear aperture and focus)
  • Body type: Black
  • The lens can be used with all cameras with CANON EF EOS mount
  • This item include case, front and rear caps



28 mm / F3.5 – Mir 10A Anamorphic flare bokeh (only oval diaphragm) lens for CANON EF EOS mount. Body: Black. Focus Gear: Metal


This is FLARE anamorphic lens. The lens has effect of an anamorphic lens (anamorphic bokeh & anamorphic flare). Also there is an oval diaphragm and standard round diaphragm lens is painted color inside. Videos and photos turn out very interesting! This lens will give to your image improbable appeal! Focus in full range including infinity. Glasses have small traces of use. Inside there is no dust. Aperture blades are free of oil. The lens has undergone cleaning and testing by the qualified master. It is completely ready for use.

IGA have developed a set of lenses to deliver the look, feel and characteristics of Panavision C Series anamorphic lenses from the 1970s. Classic movies like Blade Runner, Star Wars, James Bond – The Spy Who Loved Me and Superman were all shot on Panavision C series lenses giving that ‘Classic Hollywood’ look we all know so well. This set of lenses is now available to buy from IGA.

The set of lenses provides all the characteristics of these classic Panavision C series lenses, like: oval bokeh, blue horizontal flares, very narrow depth of field, soft warm skin tones, blooming highlights.

The lenses are custom modified and designed by IGA lenses using Russian KMZ spherical lenses which have been modified with new internal coatings to the lens body, new oval fixed aperture and flare creator all inside the lens between the lens elements.

These modified lenses are spherical and let you shoot the classic anamorphic look without having to de- squeeze the anamorphic image in post production, simply add 1:2.35 aspect ratio black bars in post production.

The lenses come with PL mount, ideal for use on 4K cameras by Pansonic, Sony, Canon, Red and Arri , taking off the harsh digital 4k clinical look and giving you the Classic 70s Hollywood Anamorphic look.

These lenses have been developed and tested in conjunction with British Cinematographer/Director Andy Lee who is using them to shoot his new feature film.

28 mm / F3.5 – Mir 10A

Lens MIR 10A 3.5/28

  • Focal length: 28 mm
  • Diaphragm: F3.5
  • Minimum Focusing Distance = 0,2 m

Lens MIR 10A 28 mm F 3.5 has a large diameter front lens, lenses with single-layer clearing. The lens is heavy, well brought down, inspires confidence.

Features of the MIR 10A 3.5/28:

The lens is from the film camera, which means that it will fit both full-frame and modern digital SLR cameras.

The lens is manual, which means that you only have to focus manually.

The lens has a diaphragm preset ring, it is very easy and convenient to use.

There are all the necessary depth-of-field indicators, distances to the focus object, the aperture value. This is an integral part of the old lenses.

The front cover is screwed in, and not snapped.

The MIR 10A 3.5/28 lens has a very, very short close-up distance. Only 20 cm. At this side of the lens is very peculiar.

The focus ring rotates almost all 360 degrees. With this, the front lens does not rotate, and the lens trunk lengthens by 2 cm. When focusing, the entire lens unit moves.

The lens is not luminous. The maximum aperture value is F / 3.5. For a wide-angle lens this is not critical.

When closing the diaphragm, its 6 petals form not an ordinary «nut», but an interesting «star».

The MIR 10A 3.5/28 lens is an interesting wide-angle fixed lens. I do not advise you to use it on the crooked cameras. The lens has a very small minimum focusing distance and produces a very sharp picture.

Additional information

Focal length

28 mm





Lens mount



Anamorphic flare (with color Purple painting & oval diaphragm)

Focus Gear

Metal (control gear aperture and focus)


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