MKII Upgrade Program

Introducing the all-new and improved Soviet MKII Rehoused Lens Set.

Same legendary, unique Soviet optics, but even better mechanics and usability for filmmakers!

Soviet “MKII” Rehousing with improvements and new features, including:

  • Completely New & Improved Design
  • Internal Focusing System
  • Full clip-on Matte Box compatibility
  • Shimmable Stainless Steel PL / EF mounts
  • Increased 300-degree focus ring rotation
  • Improved Close Focus
  • T-stop markings
  • Reverse direction focus scales

Additional Specifications:

  • 95mm O.D. Fronts
  • FF / LF Sensor Coverage
  • Imperial / Metric Markings
  • Black & White body color options
  • Optional Optical Modifications

The MKII rehousing retail price will be $1900 per lens + the cost of the donor optics, but all existing customers who’ve already ordered the current ‘MKI” rehousing now have the option to upgrade for $950 per lens! We want to give our existing customers an opportunity to upgrade first before accepting orders from new customers. We offer free shipping on upgraded lenses, so all you pay for is the upgrade itself and nothing more.

Important: We expect to ship the first batch of MKII lenses within 6 months. The good news is that if you already received MKI lenses or are about to receive them, you won’t need to send them back in until we are ready to assemble the MKII equivalents, or you can instruct us to move your order to MKII right away.

The MKII rehousing is only available as an upgrade to MKI rehoused lenses. Trade-In option for the donor or modified lenses will come later. Your MKI lenses can have cosmetical or mechanical signs of use. As long as the optics are ok, it’s a straightforward upgrade for our existing customers who want the higher-end features. This upgrade page also allows you to change the spec of your existing rehousing to anything you like on MKII, such as a different mount, colour, add or remove optical modifications. Please note, the mounts and markings shown in the pictures are not final. This is a 95% ready prototype and will look even better as a final product.

We value and appreciate your continuous support!

IronGlass Team.


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