T2 female thread to Arri PL camera mount adapter, black alloy






  • Front side – T2 (M42x0,75) female thread
  • Rear side – ARRI PL mount

It allows to mount T/T2 lenses (m42x0.75, 55 mm flange focal distance) onto PL-mounted camera like Arriflex. Also, it can be used with most modern DSLRs through their PL adapters.

Longer FFD of the T-mount allowed to lift T flange over PL flange plane, so you should have no problems with mounting T-lenses onto any camera.


  • Details have high-quality anodizing.
  • Complete with gear wheels the special key and screws for installation of a product on a lens is delivered.
  • This adapter ALLOW to FOCUS TO INFINITY.
  • Metall: quality aluminum
  • Made in Ukraine
  • Modify: RAV-Group

It works with the following cameras:

  • 35 mm: Arriflex 35III (later models), Arriflex
  • 35BL3 (later models), Arriflex 35BL4, Arriflex
  • 35BL4S, Arriflex 535, Arriflex 535B, Arriflex 435, Arriflex 435ES, Arriflex 435 Advanced, Arriflex 435 Xtreme, Arricam ST, Arricam LT, Cinema Products FX35, Moviecam SuperAmerica, Moviecam Compact, Moviecam SL, Aaton 35
  • 16 mm: Arriflex 16SR2 (later models), Arriflex 16SR3, Arriflex 16SR3 Advanced, Arriflex 416, Aaton XTRplus (standard), Aaton XTRprod (standard)
  • 65 mm: Arriflex 765
  • Video: RED One, EPIC, Arriflex D-20, Arriflex D-21, Dalsa Origin, Dalsa Origin II, Silicon Imaging SI-2K, Sony F35, Alexa, Sony F3, Sony F5, Sony F55, Scarlett, Canon C300, Canon C500

All automatic functions (like auto-focus, etc) DO NOT WORK. It’s a simple mechanical adapter and all work.

 You must to do by Yourself using focus/aperture rings.

Please note that adapter allow You to use MOST of the T2 / T-Mount lenses on movie cameras with Arri PL mount, but we are not able to check ALL T2 lenses with it.

The adapter was manufactured from high quality anodized aluminum for using it in hardcore condition.


 Made in UKRAINE

This item includes only ADAPTER

We provide high quality production of standard adaptors and make individual orders.

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