Rehoused Soviet Lenses

Soviet Lenses are in our company’s roots. We started by modifying them and now we are the only company in the world that rehouses them.

These lenses offer something unique in a world of sterile modern lenses. Their characteristics like lower contrast, dreamy flares and swirly bokeh can only be produced incamera and can’t be replicated in post-production. They are based on Zeiss optical formulas, which gives them a strong optical performance without being too sharp, making them perfect for taking the edge off the digital sensors, which is particularly helpful with skin textures. They also Full Frame ( FF / LF / VV ) sensors and beyond (most even cover Alexa 65). Overall they provide a great flexibility and an opportunity to stand out by adding amazing, painterly character to your images.

As with Helios 44-2, our main goal with was to bring out the best in these lenses by addressing the mechanical quirks and limitations of the original bodies that make them unsuitable for professional, high pressure work environments where everything must perform at 100%.

By creating new housings for these much loved lenses, we’ve considerably improved their usability for video production. You’ll no longer have to deal with the confusing “preset” aperture control, unreliable M42 screw mount and wobbly construction. Instead we now have rugged, well designed and carefully assembled bodies that provide plenty of useful features, like integrated follow focus gears, permanent PL or EF mounts, expanded focus distance markings, which can now be made imperial as well as metric. The unified size body design allows all the accessories to stay in the same place when swapping lenses. Learn about many other features below.

IronGlass Lens Rehousing Company

Every person with a camera needs lenses. Cine lenses can provide high-quality images and functionality but they are expensive and not everyone can afford them. As a result, most people use still camera lenses. However, it is possible to get close to modern quality cine lens without overpaying for a modern cine lens. Lens rehousing provides all filmmakers with such possibility. There two options for doing that:

  • Modifying old cine lenses. You can find an old cine lens that definitely will be cheaper than modern and use rehousing to improve its qualities to the modern standards.
  • Adapting still lenses to cinema use. Still (photo) lens can become a cine friendly after the modification and rehousing processes. It will not lose any of its qualities. Instead, it can be improved in almost every aspect.

Lens Rehousing Service At IronGlass

The most valuable mechanical part of each lens is focusing structure. It is the most complicated part of the lens design. Our masters are well educated about peculiarities of different lenses. They always take good care of them. Additionally, our team pays attention to quality of the lens optics, looking at possibilities for improvements. Before shipping your lens, a qualified master performs cleaning and testing in order to ensure that everything is done at the highest level.

IronGlass Services

IronGlass Company offers various services connected with rehousing of lenses. We can service and modify lenses to your exact requirements. You offer repairing, cleaning, de-clicking, repainting, polishing, and modification. You can provide us with all the information about what should be done in lens rehousing and we will discuss with you all the details in order to provide the best service to you. After completing your order, you will receive completely transformed and improved lens.

What Are the Reasons for Lens Rehousing?

  • It is cheaper than buying a new lens
  • To add cine functionality to a photo lens
  • If original lens housing is damaged
  • To remove dust inside the optics
  • To remove iris clicks
  • To add modifications

Can IronGlass Rehouse My Vintage Lens?

It is one of the most common questions among our customer and we can say, we most likely can. We really like to work with vintage lenses and give them a second life. Each old lens has its own peculiarities in design. Before providing you our finial answer just send us all information that you have about the lens you are interested in rehousing, and we will find out what can be done.