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Mir-20M – 20mm F3.5

Please Note: The rehousing take up to 6 months to be completed and shipped.

You might now be familiar with our VLFV Cine Edition range of Rehoused Soviet lenses. We’ve already completed and shipping the 28mm, 37mm, 58mm, 85mm lenses from this set. The only two lenses left to complete are the MIR-20M 20mm and Tair-11A 135mm. We are now at the prototype stage and will soon be ready to ship these lenses too, so you can now pre-order them as well.


  • Min Focusing Distance: 0.18m
  • Angle of View (FF): 90°
  • Focus Throw: Approx. 220°
  • Aperture Range: F3.5 – F16
  • Aperture Blades: 6
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  • New & solid cine-style body
  • 95mm Front O.D. for compatability with clip-on matte boxes.
  • 92mm Filter size
  • Integrated follow focus and iris gears
  • Expanded focus distance markings
  • Permanent PL or EF mount
  • Imperial or Metric measurement system

Our lenses work perfectly on the best cinema cameras from Arri, RED, BlackMagic, Zcam, Kinefinity, etc.

MIR- 20M 20mm F3.5 is the widest rectilinear lens in Soviet lens line-up. It’s losely based on the Carl Zeiss Flektogon 20mm optical formula. The minimum focusing distance is just 0.18m, which makes it one of the shortest close focusing lenses in its class and a great lens for getting very close to your subject. If you want the maximum depth of field though, focusing to around 2m brings pretty much everything into focus!

If you buy more than one lens, you will get a free custom hard case for lenses.

Small: when ordering 2-3 lenses. Large: when ordering 5-6 lenses

Small Hard Case – This protective case can hold 3 rehoused lens. Suitable for those who are planning to build a set of 2-3 lenses only.

Large Hard Case – This Protective case can hold up to 6 rehoused lenses and suitable for those who are planning to build 4 to 6 lens set.

When ordering, please add a note with the total number of lenses you are planing to have in this set (now or in future) so we can send you a correct size case.