If you already own the lenses mentioned below, either in original form, cine-modded by us, you can now trade them in for a discount on the equivalent Rehoused Lenses, making them even more affordable.

Simply choose the lenses you’d like to trade in from our list below and we will give you a discount on our rehoused VLFV Cine Edition Lenses, from $100 and up to $400 off per lens.

Please note: the TRADE-IN offer can’t be used in conjunction with our other offers & discounts.

    Choose your lens

    20/3.5 MIR-20м - $40028/3.5 MIR 10A - $40037/2.8 MIR-1B - $10058/2 HELIOS 44-2 - $10085/2 JUPITER-9 - $150135/2.8 TAIR-11A - $150